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Shelli Stevens is the sales head at AGI Design who are famous for making handcrafts high-quality engagement rings and wedding bands. The online shop offers conflict-free, environment-friendly moissanite gemstones and lab-created diamonds. Also, AGI Design provides a wide range of services, including supplying loose stones and designing fine jewelry in Canada. Apart from that, the shop has custom design services for customized jewelry designs. Visit the official website to know more!

Since the dawn of time, jewellery connoisseurs have been on the lookout for the ideal engagement ring. The diamond is the most popular, but there are many other gemstones that may be utilized to make a beautiful piece of jewellery. Moissanite, which can be found on online sites, is one such stone. If you want something different from the typical engagement rings, moissanite rings in Canada are a great option. It has grown in popularity in recent years since it has the appearance of a diamond but a softer feel than any other sort of diamond. Many people confuse moissanite…

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