Author: Aakash Shah,

Aakash Shah, marketing manager at Faberty in Surat, is well-known for his significant business and marketing expertise. He is an expert in user experience and a product thinker who is eager to accept new challenges that benefit the organisation. He often writes to the most popular blogging sites, where he shares his decades of knowledge with a wider audience.

Textile art began with the pre-textile makers more than a thousand years ago. It was during the time when intricately detailed fabrics were a symbol of economic and cultural power. Plant extracted blue indigo and artisanal block printing was the oldest known manufacturing dyes from the country during the Greco-Roman Period. And nowadays, they have developed into modern-day hand-crafted trends.  These traditional procedures are both complex and fascinating. Even after the post-industrial revolution, textile manufacturing needed highly developed loom makers and mill owners to generate profitability and quality. However, the digital textile printing method is a quickly growing sector among…

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