Author: MonikaAnand

Monika is an SEO executive helping entrepreneurs and companies achieve their visibility on online platforms. Her vision is to design robust strategies targetting on-page and off-page, Keyword research & implementation, and other important aspects that her audience can use to become a brand. Besides being an SEO executive, she is actively exploring and updating herself about organic and paid traffic generation methods on different platforms.

We are in a modern age where women and men are employed at a balanced level. A career is an important aspect of everyone’s life, but so are parenting and child caring. But, babysitters and nannies have assisted the working population, taking care of their babies when they are busy in employment. In 2022, with the advent of digitization, we will have on-demand mobile apps in most industries like taxi, travel, food, and more. Similarly, on-demand Babysitting and nanny-finder mobile app development are becoming popular. And entrepreneurs are looking to understand the topic briefly by exploring the benefits of Babysitting…

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