Author: James Harris

James Harris, the marketing manager of Multi-Fix Direct, is widely regarded as an expert in business and marketing. An experienced user experience professional and service thinker, he welcomes new challenges and opportunities that add value to the company's brand image. He often posts to the most prominent blogs, enabling him to share his decades of experience with a wider audience.

When you’re doing a household project and need to install screws in metal studs, you need to use special screws. Not every type of screw will work with these materials, and using the wrong one can lead to problems later on. It can also make the job much more difficult and expensive. To avoid these issues, you should use the proper screws and drill bits. They should be bright gold or silver and are made of high-grade metal. These types of screws and nuts are circular in cross-section. Nuts can be straight or curved, depending on the application and purpose.…

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