Author: Mark Wright

Mark Wright is a leading marketing consultant at Ruzave Shipping & Logistics Directory in Singapore. His extensive business and marketing expertise has equipped him as a user experience specialist and product thinker capable of tackling new challenges that benefit the organisation. He takes pleasure in writing informative essays for a variety of blog sites

Are you interested in freight forwarding services? Or, are you related to or work as a Shipper’s directory for freight brokers? Or, even if you are curious enough about freight forwarding services, there are certainly important and functional terms regarding this field that you must know about. So, we have the following discussion with all the important and influential terms in the freight forwarder services, follow the given discussion and fill yourself with all the essential and necessary information below.  Freight Forwarder Services. Air Waybill  The first term is the Air Waybill. Simply put, it is the receipt for the…

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